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Oral histories

Recording the memories of individuals though oral history interviews is often the first step in developing a comprehensive history of an organisation, family or particular person.

An oral history interview is not just any interview. It is a particular methodology based on memory and historical studies and ethical practice. Interviews are recorded in broadcast quality audio (and video) with a view to archiving for long-term use. Remote interviewing technologies are also available.

The interviews are typically extended, lasting from 1-2 hours up to 8-10 hours, depending on the circumstances. Usage rights reside with the client, unless otherwise stated in a usage rights agreement.

Judy Hughes is an experienced oral historian .

Multimedia productions

Traditionally histories of organisations, families and individuals have been written and published in books. Today there is an increasing expectation that history will also be delivered to audiences both aurally and visually.

Choosing the best format for your history depends on a range of factors including your budget, your target audience and the material you want to include. Do not be daunted by the world of multimedia. While a video documentary is beyond the budget of many people there are simple alternatives that are also very effective such as a photographic slideshow with audio oral history excerpts, a short You Tube video or podcast.

Let us work with you in determining the best multimedia output for your project. We work with audio, video, photographs and documents to produce a digital story.

Written histories

A history book can be an expensive exercise, but it doesn’t have to be. If you are developing a history of your organisation you can work in stages. Conduct the oral histories, research and collect relevant documents and photographs.

If you have the research well prepared and organised you can start with a booklet and in the long-term develop a printed book – or e-book.

Judy Hughes is both a historian and a journalist, used to writing for particular audiences in a range of formats.


Journalism is about writing news for a particular audience in a way that is engaging and relevant.  This could range from a print feature article or opinion piece for a mainstream print news outlet or a tailored article for a specialist online publication or industry newsletter.

We can produce news and feature articles based on your objectives and deadlines.